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November 4, 2014
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FreeTriTipDinner.com Presents: Skull Session - The Judicial Races | October 26, 2014    Click for More!
Skull Session:  Calaveras County Supervisor -- District Three |  November 4, 2014 Edwin R. Murray-Creek: Hello and welcome to a special Election Day edition of Skull Session! Today we’re taking a look at the races for Supervisor in Calaveras County’s 3rd and 5th Districts.   First, the Third District:  Kate? Kate Copperopolis:   
Skull Session:  Calaveras County Supervisor -- District Five  |   November 4, 2014 MC: Hello and welcome back to this Election Day edition of Skull Session!  With me are our panelists ... Lee Atwater managed the successful presidential campaign of George H. W. Bush in 1988 after serving as Political Director for Ronald Reagan’s 1984 re-election campaign. Louis Howe was a long-time political advisor to Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was elected President of the United States no fewer than four times. So, gentlemen – and lady, as joining us is correspondent Kate Copperopolis. – here we are back where we started last spring – District Five. Kate, where do things stand as the election nears completion? KC: With Spellman finishing third and not making the run-off election, the campaign has been quieter than previous Supervisorial elections, at least until recently.  Shortly after the Primary Spellman, in a widely circulated email, appeared to blame former Tea Party allies for advancing the candidacy of Roy Estakrhi, whose 17% of the vote was widely believed to come at Spellman’s expense. Now, in a very late development, Spellman ally and member of the Calaveras Unified School District Board Gregory Gustafson is putting up signs in the District urging voters to write in his name on the ballot. Atwater: Too bad his name isn’t Spellman – it’s ‘way easier to spell.